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Rocket Apps are simple, intuitive & beautiful companions that help you solve quick everyday tasks.

Collage Maker new

Create beautiful photo collages
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FM Radio

Listen to over 40.000 radio stations
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Solve any math problem
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Authenticator App

Keep your accounts secure with 2fa codes
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Hundreds of amazing Fonts
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Rocket VPN

Private and Secure Browsing
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QR Code Reader

Scan & generate QR Codes and Barcodes.
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Invoice Maker

Send Invoices and Estimates in seconds
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Details matter

Great Apps offer more than just a simple and intuitive design. They speak your language, work on all your devices, offer Widgets and Keyboard Extensions and respect your privacy.


Works everywhere

Rocket Apps are optimized for iPad, Apple Watch, Carplay, Apple TV and also offer keyboard extensions and widgets.


We speak your language

We take localisation seriously. Rocket Apps are translated and optimised in up to 30 languages. By professional translators.


Privacy First

Rocket Apps respect your privacy. We never sell your data with any third party and always ask for your consent. For more please read our privacy policy.

Privacy Policy


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